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Biospa - Handmade Bath Soap ( Blackseed + Cocoa) ( 75g each x 3 ) Perfect blend of Blackseed Oil & Goodness of Cocoa for protection from free radicals, skin regeneration and long term skin whitening naturally. Cocoa, is a natural product that is packed with active materials that might be very protective for the skin. Pack size: 75g each x 3 nos Black seed (Nigella sativa) oil have been known for thousands of years. It has been used both orally and topically fight disease in many different practices of medicine through-out the ages. In our modern times its actions and efficacy is increasingly backed by solid scientific understanding and an evidence base. The oil of the Nigella sativa is packed with valuable components like vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and trace elements providing the necessary nutritive factors for skin recovery and repair. Black seed oil also has a number of useful pharmacological actions which make it a fantastic natural option for treating diseases of the skin 1461411106
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Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum Supplement Capsules manufacturer, dealer, supplier in Chennai, India. For over 2000 years Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) have been recognized by Chinese medical professionals as a valuable remedy. Its Chinese name Lingzhi, means "spiritual potency". Reishi mushrooms are regarded by the Chinese as the "Medicine of Kings". MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES: Reishi contains several major constituents, including sterols, coumarin, mannitol, polysaccharides, and triterpenoids called ganoderic acids. Ganoderic acids may lower blood pressure as well as decrease LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. These specific triterpenoids also help reduce blood platelets from sticking together—an important factor in lowering the risk for coronary artery disease. Health Benefits of Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum Capsules : Reishi Supplement Capsules enhance the activity of antibodies. Reishi Supplement Capsules detoxify the accumulated toxins. Reishi Supplement Capsules improve the body's resistance to stress and infections. Buy now - https://www.payumoney.com/store/buy/camillotek007 1483337607
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60 Capsules Reishi Noni Supplement Capsules manufacturer, dealer, supplier in Chennai, India. How to Protect the Immune System? The Answer in Nature Reishi & Noni. Rare combination of ingredients in the whole health supplement market. In market there is only neither Reishi nor Noni in capsule form. Specially high soluble Red Reishi used. Main Product Features : Reishi, also known as Lingzhi, is one of the most valued herbal products in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Reishi's earliest herbal remedies were recorded between 206 B.C. - 8 A.D. Lingzhi or Reishi is known by its scientific name of Ganoderma Lucidum. There are 62 types of Reishi, of which six are most common: RED Reishi is preferred because it can produce the highest quality extract and has been subject to the most scientific evaluation. Morinda Citrifolia, also called "noni" grows in shady forests, as well as on open rocky or sandy shores. It contains carbohydrates and dietary fibre. Noni is rich in Vitamins A, C, E, B, B2, B6, B12, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Magnesuim, Zinc, and Copper. Health Benefits of Reishi noni capsules : A Strong Immune System with Morinda Citrafolia. Stress reduce and joint relief. Healthy Energy Levels. Helps to keep the natural Immune balance. 1487836875
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Strategic Nutrients to manage blood sugar & improve body composition. KEY INGREDIENT(S): 4-Hydroxyisoleucine from Fenugreek seed extract, Cinnamon bark extract; Clove; Pterocarpus marsupium; Gymnema Sylvestre extract , Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium Polynicotinamide. MAIN PRODUCT FEATURES: 4-Hydroxyisoleucine has been found to be very effective for regulating blood glucose levels while also increasing glycogen storage capacity in the muscle cells. Cinnamon has been shown to increase glucose uptake by activating the GLUT-4 receptor. Safe traditional use as condiment /spices and scientifically studied. Health Benefits of Fensulin : Balance Healthy Glucose metabolism. Increase Insulin Sensitivity. Raise Glycogen storage in muscles. Raise the rate of glucose removal from blood. Balance Cholesterol. Reduce the risk of Insulin resistance. Drive nutrient uptake by muscles. Protect Liver cells and enhance Liver functions. Increase muscle performance in workouts. LIKELY USERS: People under stress induced metabolic disorders, Type-2 Diabetes, Type-1 Diabetes; Those trying to overcome metabolic disorders, cholesterol management, Muscle performance and post-workout supplementation. SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules 2 times s daily with meal. Must check blood sugar once a week for first 2 weeks and coordinate with your health advisor / doctor on any change in medication dosage. Buy now : https://www.payumoney.com/store/buy/camillotek008 More info : http://camillotek.com/all/fensulin.html 1490336468